Changes to readers will notice a number of changes to the site today. They are part of a rolling programme designed to make the site simpler to navigate and use but also to highlight the content of greatest interest to you.

The first change is that the management section of the site is now in the main navigation bar. This reflects our increased commitment to the subject – something which will be reflected in the coming weeks. The management section of the site encompasses not only management theory and practice but also business education, our MBA gyms, entrepreneurship and leadership. All features and columnists that could previously be found through the Business Life page can now be reached through the management section.

A second change is the appearance of Arts & Leisure on the main navigation. This replaces what was the weekend section. Again nothing which was in the weekend section of is disappearing but the change is designed to highlight our arts coverage – adorned by such leading writers as Nigel Andrews, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney and Andrew Clark – which is not merely a weekend event but can be found throughout the week. Weekend features and pages such as food and drink, house and home and reportage, can still be found under the Arts & Leisure section.

In the UK, a third change has seen the merging of our general national news and corporate news on one main page. The UK page is now a one-stop shop for all the best corporate, political, business and economic news. There remain discrete pages for UK companies, politics, economics and business. The personal finance pages can also be reached through the UK page. We hope this offers readers interested in what is happening in the UK a simpler way to find out what is going on.

These changes are the first of many which will occur over the next few months. I hope the changes make the site easier and more rewarding for you. Please let me know – either by email or through comments here – how you feel about them.

PS. On a final note, our mobile site – which can be found at – was last night honoured by the Association of Online Publishers as the best mobile site in the UK. Blackberry users can now download a shortcut for their mobile home page to take you direct to the site.

Thanks for reading

Robert Shrimsley

Managing Editor,

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