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Introduction: Upstart Xstrata makes a multi-billion dollar approach for Anglo-American, the establishment mining company; the turf battle over banking regulation intensifies in the UK; the Iranian authorities tighten a noose around the opposition; and Michael Jackson, the Peter Pan of pop, dies in California, aged 50.

Award watch: Barney Jopson’s articles on the political and economic impact of water aid in Asia and Africa won a distinguished mention in despatches in the Martha Gellhorn prize.

And if you missed the Financial Times or ft.com this past week, you would have missed the following top ten items:

Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

The Renegades at the New York ‘Times’ – The All New Issue — New York Magazine

What are these renegade cybergeeks doing at the New York ‘Times’? Maybe saving it.

Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

Obama’s speech is like a pop song

“The lyrics yield no great mystery. But, set to the right music, a meaning is disclosed that hardly seemed to be hidden in the prose.”


Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

The most popular story in the world

“The wisdom of crowds may tend towards the obvious…but deliberately aiming to appeal there would bend the Guardian’s profile completely out of shape”

Frank Rich: Why I link

Neiman Jounalism Lab on reasons to link out

Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

‘Sarah Palin for poet laureate’ by Julian Gough | Prospect Magazine December 2008 issue 153

‘What the philistine media take for incoherence is, in fact, the fruitful ambiguity of verse.’

Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

Glossed Over | The Big Money

Same old questions – but for glossy magazines, even harder to find answers

Overload! : CJR

A rather long article…about having too much to read. But the conclusion seems right: “The fact that there is more information than there are people or time to consume it —the classic economy-of-attention problem — represents a financial opportunity for news organizations.”

The Elite Newspaper of the Future  | American Journalism Review

Philip Meyer: “I underestimated the velocity of the internet effect”. Newspapers’ best hope – specialisation, elite readership, context and analysis.

Links from FT editors in the last 24 hours

We can be heroes …

FT book review: John Lloyd considers whether journalist and citizen can be one and the same

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