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Themes of the Week: The US unveils fresh toxic asset clean-up plan, Mervyn King warns Gordon Brown against further deficit spending, a UK gilt auction fails for the first time in seven years, populist outrage against corporate bonuses spreads across Europe, the FT secures an exclusive interview with President Obama – and President Lula of Brazil blames white, blue-eyed people for the financial crisis.

A brief note on the G20 summit: thanks to our news coverage and ground-breaking Future of Capitalism series, the FT now occupies the high ground. The Obama scoop comes on top of other news-making exclusive interviews with Angela Merkel of Germany, Felipe Calderon of Mexico plus visits and interviews at the FT this week from many other world leaders. Now for the big test of covering the summit.

And if you had not been reading the FT or ft.com over the past seven days, you would have missed…

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