Daily Archives: February 5, 2009

Gas, more than oil, is the canary in US coal mine

Installed windpower by country – guess who is top?

After the strike threat, it’s back to the future for US refiners

New nano material the key to cutting solar cell prices

DARPA funding for algae-based jet fuel

Three conditions needed for a surge in Iraqi oil

A large array PV system paid for in today’s dollars could be quite the asset in 2020

Climate change and giant snakes

Total’s UK workers vote to end strike (Reuters)

Oil prices little changed by larger than expected inventory rise (Bloomberg)

Petroplus may sell Teesside refinery after poor results (Bloomberg)

Petrobras sells $1.5bn worth of 10-year bonds (Bloomberg)

Tankers concerned at new EPA vessel permits (Platts)

Democrats target Bush administration’s energy ‘midnight regulations’  (Platts)

GDF Suez and Iberdrola team up on bid for UK reactor land (Platts)

India to offer 100 oil exploration blocks  (Platts)