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Kate Mackenzie

First the Baltic Dry Index doubles in a fortnight, amid other signs of optimism, and now Goldman says the bottom is in sight for oil:

The faster than expected pace of OPEC cuts and continued low
temperatures are likely accelerating rebalancing in the global oil market.
As a result, the bottoming in prices and timespreads could be closer than
we originally expected. Thus, while we continue to believe that pressure
on prices will unlikely abate until the rebalancing of the crude market
translates into a tightening of global inventories, we would take further
supply cuts and prolonged low temperatures as sign of a potential
bottoming. As a consequence, though we maintain that a flattening of the
WTI forward curve will follow the current steep levels of contango, the risk
of a bearish flattening, with a steep decline of the back-end, is now more
balanced by the risk of a bullish flattening, with front-end prices rising to
the back.

They also see the crude glut being pushed downstream into refined products – as products become ‘a form of storage of last resort’.

Kate Mackenzie

Europe’s energy in 2050: Commissioner Andris Piebalgs sees carbon-free electricity, oil-free transport, new grids and passive houses

The new black gold? Biofuel from sewage http://cleantechnica.com/2009/02/15/the-new-black-gold-biofuel-from-sewage/

Big oil on peak oil: Total’s de Margerie says “The capacity that the oil industry has to go to 93-95 million barrels per day is already over”, but BP’s Hayward disagrees

Hamburgers: The ‘hummers of food‘ in global warming – a single kilogram of beef produces 16kg of carbon dioxide equivalent

Carbon capture: World’s longest-running experiment ‘a success’. Meanwhile world begins on a US carbon burial project that could eventually hold 100bn tonnes of CO2 under Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

Small oil companies: More are struggling with falling prices and vanishing credit

James Fontanella-Khan

- Crude oil falls below $37 on slowing global demand for fuels (Bloomberg)

- Exxon complains Russia slowing down multibillion-dollar project (Moscow Times)

- Shell says 180,000 b/d Nigeria output shut in due to Delta strife (Platts)

- Khodorkovsky charges in $25.5bn Yuko oil case revealed by Russia (Bloomberg)

- Gazprombank says lends $100m to Russia’s Slavneft (Reuters)

- OPEC to cut output if market, price unstable, Iraq minister says (Bloomberg)

- StatoilHydro Q4 mixed, says handling downturn (Reuters)

- UK nuclear advisory group scrapped after warning of safety risks (Guardian)

- Repsol says no word on Ecuador president’s ‘coercion’ tax threat (Platts)

- Exxon unconcerned at Libya nationalization threat (WSJ)

- Canada’s Imperial proved reserves jump 50% on oil sands booking (Platts)

- Industry experts say green energy targets won’t be achieved (Adelaide Now)

- Mining union leader warns of up to 50,000 job losses in S Africa (Platts)

James Fontanella-Khan

Energy news from the FT:

- Clock ticks in BP race to pick chairman
Limited talent pool available to UK plc

- Rio shareholders still question Chinalco deal
Investors ask BHP to suggest ‘alternative’ bid

- Rio Tinto on charm offensive with investors
Effort to win shareholder approval

- Interactive graphic: Rio assets up for grabs?
View where the mining group can shed its debt

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