Ed Crooks The Source: US at Bonn climate talks; Sinopec; renewable energy costs; Russian gas; energy-saving light bulbs

On Energy Source:

- Tony Blair talks about green stimulus packages

- Russian enter Hungary as OMV sells Mol stake

- The “long aftershock” for oil supplies

- Oil will get more sludgy

- Earth Hour observed


2008 profits for Sinopec, China’s biggest refiner, were down 47 per cent at about $4.4bn, but beat analysts’ expectations. The outlook for this year looks better, but depends on government decisions on regulated fuel prices (Bloomberg)

NY Times story on the costs of renewable energy is savaged once (Grist) and again (Daily Kos)

Nicholas Stern profiled. “The rock star of the modern climate change movement… Middle-aged, soberly suited, grey and compact, he speaks softly in the fastidious register of academia… Yet, when he speaks, the whole world now listens”

The EU should start buying its gas from Gazprom at the Russian burder, says Ukraine’s PM, as he defends the deal with the EU that angered Russia (Platts)

Sakhalin 2 has sent its first cargoes of LNG off to Japan (Reuters)

Turkmenistan may start gas deliveries to China by the end of the year (Platts)

Russian military to patrol the Arctic (The Guardian)

The US Environmental Protection Agency is reinvigorated under president Obama (Washington Post)

The president’s climate change negotiator sets out the administration’s new approach at international talks in Bonn (Chicago Tribune)

…and the president calls another meeting, in Washington in April (Reuters)

China welcomes the US stance (Reuters)

Meanwhile, the president is trying to turn the White House green (Huffington Post)

Another forecast of potential “green jobs”: 300,000 in the US, says the Union of Concerned Scientists (NY Times)

How to control the costs of cutting emissions? (Brookings)

The US nuclear industry is moving ahead, but “the revival faces many uncertainties” (WSJ)

America’s short-lived ethusiasm for small fuel-efficient cars, debated (NY Times)

BYD, a Chinese car manufacturer, wants to sell its technology in the US and Europe (WSJ)

Time has proved OPEC’s critics wrong and justified the group’s realistic action,” says top Saudi adviser, “putting a floor under oil prices and preventing a collapse” (Platts)

And finally, energy saving lightbulbs are only effective if they work (NY Times)

I have never had any problems with mine