James Fontanella-Khan Pink Picks: Food prices, Uranium, Green rhetoric

Energy news from the FT:

- Relentless tide of global hunger engulfs 1bn
Number of undernourished continues to grow

- G8 warns of hunger threat to stability
The world faces a permanent food crisis and global instability, say leaders

- Food assistance soars in US
As US unemployment rate rises, many are forced to seek aid for the first time

- Lex: Food prices
If inflation comes roaring back, food prices will hit people first

- UK ministers urged to act on green investment
CBI calls for an end to environmental rhetoric

- Scrap scarcity hits price of copper
Consumers tap into tight supplies from the mines to replace the loss

- Lex: Uranium
Today’s shake-out could give prudent miners the critical mass for success

- View of the Day: Silver to outperform gold
Strong investment demand compensates for a slump in industrial demand, says Weinberg