Kate Mackenzie The Source: Gazprom; sequestration; cap-and-trade nomenclature

On Energy Source today:

State banks help troubled Gazprom with Eni option

Rig counts: no prizes for guessing

Sibir goes to court


Gas: One Qatari project is inaugurated; another is delayed until building costs fall (The National, WSJ)

Energy security: What else is Chavez going to do with his oil if not sell it to the US – drink it? asks Fareed Zakaria (NewsWeek)

Sequestration: Archer Daniels Midland project aims to bury carbon dioxide (LA Times)

Cap and trade: AKA cap-and-auction, cap-and-tax, cap-and-giveaway (Green Inc/NY Times)

Geo-politics: In the post-Machiavellian world, economics, not war, rules – and “Putin intuitively grasps the shift in global affairs”, writes Steve LeVine (BusinessWeek)

Biochar: Under fire from groups that oppose large scale geoengineering projects (CNet)

Corporate news: BG clinches Pure Energy takeover – now has 99.74 per cent of Pure shares (Platts)

Climate change: Huge ice shelf to break from Antarctica (UN Climate Change Conference Copenhagen)