Kate Mackenzie The Source: Salazar faces oil companies; Crude falls below $50; Spies in US grid; Clean coal breakthrough

Salazar prepares for an earful on OCS

Mol takes defensive action against Russians

US and Japan demand fears send crude below $50

Spinning in the P.U.M.A.


Oil prices: Daniel Yergin on $40 oil (Infectious Greed)

Policy: Carbon crack-up 2012 – the US is focusing on a renewable future, but ignoring the spectre of rising oil prices and the shortage of public transport (Gregor)

Security: US grid penetrated by spies (WSJ)

Recession: Exelon cuts carbon emissions 35% - citing ‘business necessity’ (Platts)

Nuclear: China close to firing up its first nuclear energy reactor – hopes the experimental reactor will help address the difficult issue of nuclear waste (Technology Review)

Iran: Sees oil price rising to $60 if Opec cuts are maintained (Platts); but NOC chief says there will be lots of oil (LA Times)

Coal: New research offers hope for ‘clean coal’ (climatebiz)

US policy: Chu: Conserving energy is key to our future (NewsWeek)