Kate Mackenzie The Source: Venezuela; Chu and the oil shock theory; Tiny oil producers

On Energy Source today:

Will China, India and Japan be Venezuela’s saviours?
New deals – and reports of deals – aplenty for oil-rich country

Does Chu support the oil shock theory?
Reports from the EIA conference

An uncomfortable moment at Bonn
Czech climate change negotiator deals with his prime minister’s avowed scepticism


Iran: Development of its abundant oil and gas has suffered for its nuclear ambitions (Gregor)

Infrastructure: After the energy grid hacking report, Infrastructurist asks a security expert how many other ’24′ plot lines are possible in real life (Infrastructurist)

Offshore wind: Chewing over the large report on the offshore continental shelf by the Department of the Interior (The Oil Drum)

Geoengineering: Team Obama will consider geoengineering, although little is known about the subject (WSJ)

Cars: Boris commits to 100,000 electric cars for London (Guardian)

Oil: Anything but oil – what happens if the tiny US wells supplying 20% of the country’s production become uneconomic? (R-Squared)