Kate Mackenzie The Source: Bumper emissions edition; China’s overseas oil deals; peaking demand

On Energy Source today:

China takes the long view on oil

Climate change: The despair edition

Beam me up, Scotty!

The first factual meme on climate change?

Demand: Fuel of the past? Are the days of ever-increasing gasoline demand gone for good? (Energy Outlook, WSJ)

Refining: New refineries in the US? How the refining shortage is affecting the US (Platts)

Political donations: Ponying up for politics at Halliburton. “Some companies frown upon their top executives getting too entrenched in politics…” (DealBook/NYTimes)

Deals: Moscow will not sell Sibir stake to TNK-BP just in case you were wondering (Upstream Online)

Hydropower: Time to think about it (American Scientist)