Kate Mackenzie China laboriously cracks down on polluters and emitters

China’s Ministry of Environment Protection says it will crackdown on heavily polluting, the Xinhua news agency reported, high energy-consuming and resource-intensive industries.

Via Cleaner Greener China:

Last year, environmental departments sent out more than 1.6 million officers to inspect about 70,000 enterprises. To date they have punished 15,000 enterprises for breaking environmental laws. More than 100 local government officials and department officers have been investigated.

That’s a lot of officers. But they do have quite a task:

According to the MEP’s random inspection in February, about 15.5 percent of projects started construction without approval. And about 9.6 percent of enterprises closed for environmental reasons resumed production without permission. Treatment facilities at about 25 percent of the main sources of pollution were not running properly.

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