James Fontanella-Khan Pink Picks: Rio-Chinalco deal; Food crisis; Exxon Mobil

Energy news from the FT:

- Rio Tinto stands by $19.5bn Chinalco deal
The global miner defends itself against shareholder criticism

- First Reserve $9bn fund-raising reinforces lead as energy investor
Falls short of $12bn target despite garnering some big investment cheques

- US urges food output boost to avert unrest
World risks fresh social instability, says US agriculture secretary

- Exxon Mobil tops Fortune 500 list
Energy group beat discount retailer Wal-Mart to the top place

- Chinese groups court west for partnerships
Chinese oil companies have discovered that newcomers need more than money

- Hungary’s PM opposed to takeover of Mol
Oil company deemed by the government as a strategic asset