James Fontanella-Khan Pink Picks: Rio, EDF spy story, Low-carbon

Energy news from the FT:

- Rio Tinto stands by Chinalco deal
Jan du Plessis, Rio’s new chairman, says deal would be his priority

- Lex: Rio Tinto
Good news is bad news for Tom Albanese

- EDF accused of spying on anti-nuclear groups
Nuclear operator allegedly paid investigators to infiltrate groups around Europe

- Business Life: Into a low-carbon future
Collaboration is helping the development of sustainable new businesses

- China rules out pursuit of African farmland
Beijing says it prefers to depend on its own land to maintain self-sufficiency

- Gold rush in the suburbs as shine disappears from US economy
North Americans are flocking home parties to sell valuables

- Chile’s upgrade a reward for saving its copper
Country stashed extraordinary profits from sales of the red metal