Kate Mackenzie The Source: How green is China?; UK Budget; Halliburton; Surgut-Mol

On Energy Source:

UK Budget: Not much of a green stimulus, but that may be a relief

The long road to credibility for new modes of transport

Clean energy investment in 2009: Spain is the winner, so far

China’s coal industry needs a scrub, says IEA

Halliburton, small oil and picking up bargains

The politics of the EPA’s greenhouse gas decision


Russia: Surgut ‘faces Mol lockout’ Local media report that the Russian producer may be prevented the AGM of Mol, the Hungarian oil company in which it bought a 21 per cent stake (UpstreamOnline)

Science: Cold fusion is hot again: Excitement flares up about the widely discredited science, amid reports of successful ‘nuclear effect’ experiments and an episode of 60 Minutes (CNet)

Politics: Nader: Green agenda must be better articulated: Former Green presidential candidate Ralph Nader says the ‘language of the marketplace’ should be used (Consumer Energy Report)

ETS: Australia’s scheme will pay you to drive your car: In attempting to head off petrol populism, the government may end up paying out for people to drive (Crikey)

China: Fast and loose: China is not, contrary to some reports, engaging in a major shift of focus to becoming a sustainable economy (China Environmental Law)