Kate Mackenzie The Source: IMF on oil investment; Peak oil vs Newsweek; Stern says: be optimistic

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Emissions: Nicholas Stern: We must not give in to pessimism ‘Unless we act as if we can sort this out you might as well just get a hat and some sun tan lotion and write a letter of apology to your grandchildren.’ (Guardian)

Uranium: BHP & Rio Tinto to benefit from uranium mining in Australia Uranium Associations predicts up to A$17bn to GDP by 2030 (SeekingAlpha)

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Earth Day: Obama touts tyre inflation Undeterred by the Republican jeers he drew on the campaign trail, Obama repeats his favourite gasoline conservation hint (Huffington Post)

Cap and trade: Congress split on cap-and-trade’s impact on jobs Republicans say there is inadequate detail in the Waxman-Markey bill (CNet/CBS)