Kate Mackenzie The Source: BP profits fall; Pemex’s real problem; smart meter gripes

On Energy Source:

BP profits down, production rises Pre-tax profits fall 62% but at high end of forecasts

Mexican quake, swine flu: Pemex is fine (sort of) The Mexican oil producer has bigger problems

EIA/API inventory arbitrage: Probably not worth it The difference between the two weekly crude figures ranges too widely

Good, but not good enough Renewables in the UK Budget

Iraq: Iraq oil: black gold or black hole? Why Iraq has failed to rise to the occasion and  increase its oil production (The Oil Drum)

Renewables: FERC chairman channels… Greenpeace? The new US Federal Energy Resource Commission chairman has drawn comparisons to the new head of Greenpeace in the US after both saying new nuclear or coal plants may ever need to be built again (TNR, NY Times)

Coal: 60 minutes coal reporting misses the point The programme was too simplistic about clean coal (Huffington Post)

Sudan: OVL quits Sudan block, writes off $90m ONGC’s overseas invesment arm quits after tussle between regional and and federal Sudanese governments (National Times)

Power: Smart meter, dumb idea? The costs and challenges (WSJ)