Kate Mackenzie The Source: Washington climate talks; Shell profits fall; mileage tax

On Energy Source:

Climate talks: What China, India and Brazil want Contrary to some reports, big developing nations are willing to negotiate curbs

Shell counts cost of lower oil price Profits fall, oil outlook bearish

China’s path to low carbon growth ‘must start now’ It is possible, but difficult for China to avoid its climate change

UTS rejects Total’s bid Shares then fell below the offer prices

Valero benefits from oil price drop What’s bad for super-majors is good for refiners

Number of solar plants in the US Very few, but NPR’s graphic is worth a look


Politics: Waxman-Markey: Tweak it or overhaul it? Experts debate how to get it through

Oil services: Danger of having BP’s contractors over a barrel Forcing contractor costs too low could threaten their ability to stay in business (The Times)

Efficiency: The efficiency paradox: Will driving lower fuel cars reduce energy use? (Boston Globe)

Economics: The road to economic recovery lies in climate recovery So says UK environment minister Ed Miliband (Huffington Post)

Driving: Mileage tax is alive and living in Congress Despite everyone thinking it was dead two months ago (Infrastructurist)