Kate Mackenzie The Source: Natural gas; inventory accounting; Iran blacklist bill

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Gas: Pipeline politics revisited: The US seems to want to take down the temperature on European gas transit politics, talking down both Nabucco and South Stream (Oil and Glory/Newsweek)

Cars: Running on air A cheaper way to increase fuel efficiency in cars: regenerative braking could make ‘air power’ useful for city driving (Economist)

Efficiency: Four simple actions that reduce greenhouse emissions – and one that doesn’t really (David MacKay/Without Hot Air blog)

Credit: Credit quality slips further in oil and gas sector More negative ratings actions are likely, especially on speculative grade (BB+ and lower) companies, says S&P (BusinessWeek)

Trade: US to blacklist Iran’s petrol suppliers Proposed bill also targets oil majors that do business in Iran (The National)

Nuclear: Nuclear solutions come with a huge price tag Some states have begun altering budgets so that residents begin footing the bill before construction even begins (AP)