Kate Mackenzie The Source: Climate disaster studies; Exxon profits; Opec guru dies

On Energy Source:

A new dawn for uranium prices? Another opaque market, another demand surge predicted

Energy R&D: Public funding vs markets Why aren’t markets enough?

Opec oil supply guru Conrad Gerber has died after 30 years of peering into the opaque world of the cartel’s production

Timeline to disaster Two new studies say the world will probably exceed its carbon budget

‘We should be planning to adapt to a world of 4°C climate rises’ But how?

Abandoning oil to meet 2050 emissions targets If supply won’t do it, targets should

Volatility: Stock markets vs oil and other commodities Oil most closely tracks the equity markets

Exxon profits down 58% Lower oil prices are again the culprits


US climate bill: Will Californian offshore drilling be opened up in exchange for getting cap and trade through? New Yorker mentions a possible scoop in passing (TNR)

Oil: US energy demand for February was revised downwards by 780,000b/d to 18.706m b/d (Platts)

Efficiency: Aerospace companies try to increase efficiency, from better engine design to ‘winglets’ (NY Times)

Investment: A rough transcript of an interview with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who invests in many new energy ventures (R-squared blog)

Nuclear: Interview with Southern Company chief executive David Ratcliffe on the challenges facing the nuclear industry (Scientific American)