James Fontanella-Khan Spot News

- Venezuela readies law to seize some oil services
Law puts state in charge of companies services (FT)

- Alstom to bid for Areva T&D
Profits up 30 per cent to $1.6bn (FT)

- Xstrata suffers protest over pay
More than a third failed to back it pay plan (FT)

- Lex: Russian energy liberalisation
Another financial crisis-induced headache for Russia (FT)

- Oil tanker owners see rates fall
Shipowners see earnings plummet (FT)

- Obama backs biofuel use and reviews corn ethanol’s impact
Administration injects almost $2bn to boost production (FT)

- Britain to help China on carbon capture
Move to share technology may help Britain meet Kyoto promise (Guardian)

- Cnooc parent, Datong plan $4.4bn coal-to-gas project
Plant to produce 4bn cubic meters of gas a year (Bloomberg)