Kate Mackenzie The Source: Market manipulation; Kurdistan exports; Nabucco hitches; suburban suffering

On Energy Source:

Commodity markets can be manipulated; get over it

Markets: Oil hits six-month high

Venezuela’s expropriations: what it could mean

Another Nabucco pipeline agreement, but where were Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan?

A turning point for Iraq’s oil industry?

The legacy of suburban development: ‘Households that make under $52,000 a year on average are now spending a third of their income on transportation because of where we’ve put the “affordable” housing.’ (Infrastructurist)

Economic growth and environmental stability: Looking at the Environmental Kuznets Curve, which postulates that an economy will first become more polluting and then less polluting as it becomes wealthier, in terms of the law of thermodynamics (The Oil Drum)

Picking the winning car technology: The US government not be so quick to cut back on hydrogen funding when it continues to support ethanol (Environmental Capital/WSJ)

Is there more cheap oil to come? An energy technology company claims 600bn barrels could be unlocked in Alberta (New Energy and Fuel)

Ensco gives Venezuela a deadline Oil services company plans to cancel contract unless it is paid by May 30 (UpstreamOnline)

BP brings ‘green era’ to a close: Green groups say chief executive Tony Hayward is moving away from his predecessor’s focus on being an energy, rather than petroleum, company (BBC)