The Source: Wave power’s future; testing Opec’s discipline; global warming as a public health threat

On Energy Source today:

Clean technology: Riding the wave through the recession

Opec’s oil production rises: Is the cartel’s discipline crumbling?


British Columbia’s carbon tax survives (New York Times): The re-election of the architects of North America’s only genuine carbon tax suggests the policy may not necessarily represent electoral suicide.

The slavery of oil (Oil Drum): Analysis suggesting that an oil price of $200 a barrel may stall the global economy.

Cap-and-trade explained in fewer than four minutes (Treehugger): Video response to study that only 24 per cent of Americans can define cap-and-trade.

The next big thing in wind: Slow wind, huge turbines (Green Tech/CNet): Low-speed turbines are being developed to exploit less windy sites.

Cellphones, TVs undo efficiency gains: Study (Reuters): Demand for energy-thirsty gadgets, such as cell phones, iPods, PCs and plasma TVs, is undoing efficiency gains elsewhere, according to the International Energy Agency.

Global Warming Called Bigger Public-Health Threat Than Infectious Diseases (Bloomberg) Global warming is the biggest public health threat of the 21st century, eclipsing infectious diseases, water shortages and poverty, a team of medical and climate-change researchers have concluded.