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Replaceable batteries: Pipe-dream or the future for electric cars? Read more

As reported in the FT over the weekend, the price of waste in the UK has surged this year. Good news for recycling, but what about the energy from waste (EfW) sector?

Higher prices for recyclable materials should reduce the volume of waste that is incinerated. On the other hand the higher value of specific materials is likely to encourage the more effective sorting of waste, which in turn will encourage more efficient EfW technologies such as anaerobic digestion to flourish. Read more

Fiona Harvey

“There is a tide in the affairs of men

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” Read more

In the race to develop a low-carbon replacement to the internal combustion engine, the electric car has always had something of a handicap. Whilst we are used to refilling petrol engines in a minute or two, the standard time to charge a car-sized lithium-ion battery is 8-10 hours (reports of a 10-minute charge time seem a little far-fetched).

Hence the excitement about Better Place’s battery-switch technology, unveiled last week in Japan. The Silicon Valley startup has developed a $500,000 prototype ‘shuttle’, which can remove a dead battery and have the car back on the road with a fresh one in around 80 seconds, without anyone needing to get out of the car at all.

This would greatly increase the usability of electric cars, but raises at least two further challenges. Read more

James Fontanella-Khan

- Boost for Nabucco from Iraq gas deal
Move to reduce dependence on Russia (FT)

- Nuclear powers agree on treaty agenda
Big five nuclear powers welcome progress (FT) Read more