The Source: Electric car batteries; former BP man puts faith in tidal power; US cap-and-trade bill weakened

On Energy Source today:

Replaceable batteries: Pipe-dream or the future for electric cars?

Turning tide?

Price surge for recyclable materials should encourage more efficient energy from waste


Australia to build world’s largest solar energy plant (Reuters): PM Rudd announces plan to build a plant three times the size of the current largest

Andris Piebalgs: it may have peaked (Oil Drum): Outgoing EU Energy Commissioner suggests that oil production may have already peaked

US cap-and-trade plans risk European mistakes (Reuters): Industrial lobbying means most permits will be given away for free, risking a collapse in their value similar to that in Europe

Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill advances (ClimateBiz): detailing the breakdown of the proposed permit allocation for US cap-and-trade programme

Toyota cranks up heat on Honda with new Prius (Reuters): Honda’s Insight and the new Toyota Prius set to battle it out for the hybrid car market

A giant leap towards space-based solar power (LA Times): Pacific Gas and Electric Co. buys into a scheme to launch solar power collectors into orbit