James Fontanella-Khan Spot News

- China plans to build petrol reserves
Move that mirrors Europe’s policy (FT)

- PetroChina says to issue $3.8bn in corporate bills
Asia’s top oil and gas producer says issuance would start soon (Reuters)

- Greenpeace warns Shell on oil shale projects
Canadian oil and Nigerian gas make for high carbon intensity (FT)

- Obama to unveil tough fuel rules for cars
Move likely to please environmentalists (FT)

- Black-and-white answers to motley puzzle
Scientists propose deceptively simple solutions to climate change (FT series)

- Australia in race for biggest solar plant
Part of commitment to source 20% of its energy needs from renewables by 2020 (FT)

- Italy’s solar energy rush risks overheating
Industry is warning of the dangers of a speculative bubble (FT)

- Greenpeace warns on Shell oil sands projects
Opposition to oil group’s carbon-intense Canada investments (FT)

- Brazil and China cement ties
Package of trade deals and finance for Petrobras signed (FT)

- Lex: BHP Billiton
‘Waiting for Groucho’…(FT)

- Nigerian militants threaten to attack oil vessels
Rebels threatened to block waterways (Bloomberg)

- Recovery predicted for platinum and palladium prices
Significant uncertainty surrounds the outlook for both metals (FT)