Spot News

- Obama unveils fuel efficiency alliance
Plan brings together carmakers, unions and environmentalists (FT)

- Green campaigners hail tough US standards on fuel use
New vehicles to be 30% cleaner by 2016 (FT)

- Biotech group warns of ‘false debate’ of food versus biofuel
Says biofuel can be produced without jeopardising food output (FT)

- Investors rebel over Shell executive pay
Backlash after group fails to achieve targets (FT)

- Shell executives take flak over bonuses
Pay decision makes Shell target for wider anger over executive pay (FT)

- Exxon’s M&A inaction puzzles analysts
Analyst suggests company has grown as big as it will get (FT)

- Daimler buys near 10% stake in pioneer Tesla
Makes further bet on battery-powered cars (FT)

- Eco-tax factor boosts Japanese car sales
Nissan, Honda and Toyota report higher sales (FT)

- EcoBoost steers US towards a greener future
Ford’s new engine is example of investments carmakers likely to make (FT)

- Recovery in oil prices ignores fundamentals
Surge in WTI leaves some bullish and others concerned (FT)

- US gas price to recover slower than oil, Goldman says
Gas price to rebound in 12-18 months (Platts)

- China Yangtze Power restructures
Acquires China Three Gorges assets for $15.7bn (WSJ)

- Lex: US auto emissions

- Editorial comment: The inefficiency of fuel-efficiency rules