Kate Mackenzie The Source: Google PowerMeter; car efficiency standards; oil sands dilemma

On Energy Source:

Oil sands and climate change legislation move to centre stage
Environmental and security needs clash

US climate bill: how to make almost everyone unhappy
From Greenpeace to Republicans

IEA puts a number on energy supply crunch: three years to go
2m bpd of oil has been cancelled, and 4.2m delayed

Google picks up PowerMeter partners, big and small
Eight utilities to trial smart meter software

Shell remuneration: the many warning signs
They can’t say they weren’t warned

China storms ahead in renewables The sleeping giant is taking the lead in manufacturing components for solar and wind generators and building electric cars (LA Times)

Not so efficient after all? The new CAFE standards will only bring the US up to the same standards as Europe, says an energy academic – about 20 years later (DotEarth/NY Times)

Workin’ on the railroads: A vibrant US train industry would employ more people than the car industry does now (Infrastructurist)

Another 0.03% of Blighty goes wind powered Europe’s largest onshore wind farm goes fully online (The Register)

Life as a nuclear decommissioner Like something from TV (BBC)