Kate Mackenzie The Source: $75-$80 oil; Shell shake-up; Jevons paradox

Energy crunch time

Geoengineering: you’re probably already doing it

Opec: $75 – $80 oil is okay, says Naimi

Shell confirms shake-up; vague on job cuts


Resources: Navigating the natural resources curse Why a big oil find can be bad for poor countries (Freakonomics/NY Times)

Emissions: Stern breaks the east-west deadlock on who’s responsible for CO2 George Monbiot gets an interesting answer from Nicholas Stern on emissions importing (Guardian)

Ethanol I: If the ethanol lobby really believes in biofuels, why aren’t there more E85 pumps in corn-growing states? And other criticisms of corn ethanol (BusinessWeek)

Ethanol II: Big oil embracing biofuels? As they scale back investment in other renewables (NY Times)

China: China’s Yuan: The next reserve currency? The evidence is mounting (BusinessWeek)

Efficiency: Jevons paradox does apply to cars Fuel efficiency will increase use. Just look at the Tata Nano (Bit Tooth Energy)