Kate Mackenzie The Source: Opec holds; Steven Chu and open source software

On Energy Source:

Steven Chu: Open source software can reduce need for coal plants

A non-event Opec meeting leaves output unchanged

Opec ministers divided: fundamentals, or a bubble?

Opec set to leave output unchanged


Carbon credits: Ecuador pursues an unusual plan: leaving oil untapped But working out how and whether credits should be paid is incredibly difficult (Washington Post)

Corporate news: GE’s expansive ‘Economagination’ definition The conglomerate is keen to play up the performance of its much-advertised business unit – but includes an ever-broader group of products under that heading (WSJ)

Products: US to create gasoline reserves A new act paves the way for 30m barrels of refined products, and not a moment too soon, according to some (The Chron)

Renewables: Winged creatures should fear carbon, not wind: Gigawatt for gigawatt hour, fossil fuel energy supplies apparently result in more avian deaths than wind turbines (IEEE)

Cap and trade: How much will it cost? And the difficulty of answering that question, by economist Casey B. Mulligan (Economix/NY Times)

Solar: The trouble with rooftop solar Are grid-connected solar PV cells worthwhile? (The Oil Drum)