James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

- Opec bets on recovery to boost price
Cartel deliveres optimistic message about the global economy (FT)

- Obama says will talk to Saudis about oil prices
US president says oil dependency is not in Suadi’s interest (Reuters)

- Brazil to open up vast offshore fields
International oil companies will be invited to bid for concessions (FT)

- Gazprom to boost 2009 investment in gas pipeline from Sakhalin
Russian giant has decided to increase spending (Platts)

- France’s EDF to launch retail bond
France’s state-controlled group plans to raise at least E1bn (FT)

- Gold Reserve vows to fight Venezuela’s move to end mining rights
Canadian company to challenge Venezuelan government (Platts)

- Hoon eyes new transport climate accord
Transport secretary wants shipping and aviation included in deal (FT)

- China vows ‘constructive’ role in climate protection
US senator John Kerry says China will increase co-operation (Bloomberg)