Kate Mackenzie The Source: Oil rises; biofuel breakthrough still years away; US-China talks

On FT Energy Source:

Steep crude price rise is tolerable, so far

Markets: Oil hits six-month high

Second generation biofuels: Still five years away?

Another view on cap and trade giveaways


Markets: Oil continues to outperform oil stocks But current ratio is near its average over the past seven years (SeekingAlpha)

Resources: Arctic may hold twice as much oil at previously thought And it could create tension in the surrounding regions (CNN)

China: No advances in US-China climate talks Five days of talks fail to yield much progress (NY Times)

Cap and trade: A new agency to regulate US carbon market? New responsibility doesn’t fit with FERC, CFTC or EPA, says Suedean Kelly (Power Lines/Platts)

Tech: Greenpeace rates IT companies Kind words for Sun; 2 out of 100 for Toshiba (CNet)

Nuclear: EIA projections assume China won’t  meet its nuclear targets Suggests Russia won’t, either (Next Big Future)

Politics: Beware of Obama’s ‘Battery Gold Rush’ Governments shouldn’t pick winning technologies (Reuters/Greenwirebiz)

Safety: Shots from range hit near nuclear power plant “Typically, officers shoot southward, away from the plant, while on the firing range, but during the exercise, officers somehow fired eastward.” (Washington Post)