Kate Mackenzie The Source: Oil at $68; carbon credits; nuclear fusion

On Energy Source:

Carbon credits, defended

Are oil prices threatening the world economy already?

Markets: WTI races to $68

Obama’s green policies: How far the political pragmatism went

Deaths from climate change: How a frightening figure is calculated

Peak oil professor challenges IEA figures


Renewables: Some cautionary thoughts about wind Wind energy sells for less than other sources, in the US (The Oil Drum)

China: Sino-Trojan horse PetroChina’s Singapore Petroleum stake hints at a new tactic (Economist)

Cap and trade: Tech VC funds start-up carbon tracking firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers funds Hara, whose ‘biggest competitor is Microsoft Excel’ (Dealbook)

Nuclear fusion: In hot pursuit of fusion (or folly) Big new research facility dedicated in California (NY Times)

Biofuel: Jet biofuel is ready for takeoff Boeing executive on fuels derive from algae, camelina and jatropha (New Scientist)

Investment: Middle East behind Asia, South America in oil investment Africa is the only region investing less in production, according to Ernst & Young report (Environmental Capital/WSJ)