James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

- Oil majors cut investment less than expected
Investment steady in spite of oil price drop (FT)

- Scramble to hedge commodities exposure
Companies grapple with soaring levels of risk (FT)

- Commodities rally on brighter outlook
Prices hit a seven-month high (FT)

- Lex: Oil back to normal
Fears that high energy prices will munch green shoots are misplaced (FT)

- Climate focus turns to Beijing
Leading figures seek a new agreement on greenhouse gases

- Gazprom escalates Turkmen gas price dispute
Russian group has told Turkmenistan to reduce its gas export price (FT)

- Lower costs may revive oil sands projects – analyst
New projects in Canada’s could be viable with crude at $60 (Reuters)

- Rio Tinto left to ponder deal benefits
Rio struggles to seal its controversial $19.5bn deal (FT)