Kate Mackenzie The Source: Women and oil; Saro-Wiwa settlement; peak coal

On Energy Source:

Corporate: Does the oil industry makes careers difficult for women?

Markets: An oil-dollar signal

Emissions: Trains, planes and empty buses

Markets: Crude breaks two-day losing streak

Legal: How the Saro-Wiwa case was settled

Oil: Oil prices rises yet to affect estimates

Geopolitics: The political world of Iranian gas development


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Pricing oil in Big Macs From 27 in 2008 down to 19 this year (Gregor)

Peak coal: what do tighter supplies mean for ‘clean coal’? USGS survey prompts a reassessment for the ‘Saudi Arabia of coal’ (Environmental Capital/WSJ)

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Solar thermal: the other kind of solar energy It may have better prospects than photovoltaic (Economist)

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