James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

- China criticise Japan over emissions pledge
Japanese premier Aso talks to the FT

- Concerns for recovery as oil surges
Oil prices rose to almost $72 a barrel (FT)

- Short View: Oil and inflation
The rebound now looks impressive (FT)

- Price of crude ‘right’ in $60-$90 range
BP’s chief said price would remain volatile (FT)

- Opec will wait for $100 oil before raising output
Kuwaiti Oil Minister said cartel wouldn’t raise production now (Bloomberg)

- Daunting tasks awaiting new BP chairman
Search for successor of Sutherland to end within weeks (FT)

- BHP Billiton cuts coal contract prices by 58%
BHP holds the best spot in the global seaborne coal market (FT)

- US Republicans push nuke power, drilling instead of cap-and-trade
Bill includes incentives for 100 new nuclear plants (Platts)

- Zapatero’s green credentials come under nuclear stress
Spain’s greener than green socialist premier is having second thoughts (FT)

- Korea Hydro sees high demand for debt sale
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power is selling up to $1bn (FT)