Kate Mackenzie Spot News

BP close to choosing chairman
Former BHP Billiton chief executive Paul Anderson on shortlist (FT)

Qatar, Shell in talks on joint projects outside country
Gas rich state considers foreign investments (Bloomberg)

Long View: Surreal goings-on in the commodities show
Rising prices could stifle a recovery; or knock the economy right off its perch (FT)

Bid decision for Addax chief
Stands to gain £1bn-plus by recommending bid (FT)

China Petroleum isn’t bidding for Addax, spokesman Huang says
Sinopec £4.8bn bid ‘isn’t clear’ (Bloomberg)

Chesapeake in 50/50 global shale gas JV with StatOilHydro: CEO
McClendon provides few details of partnership (Platts)

Climate change talks move at glacial pace
Hopes for July G8 meeting as Copenhagen deadline draws nearer (FT)

FutureGen ‘clean coal’ project scaled back by Obama
Revived, but with more modest targets (Bloomberg)