Spot News

- Crude oil ignores Iran turmoil
Built-up inventories counter disruption (FT)

- China attacks BHP-Rio iron ore deal
Antitrust law expected in move to scupper deal (FT)

- Dispute puts Gazprom China pipeline on hold
Price at heart of disagreement with Beijing (FT)

- Santos to sell Australia LNG to Petronas
Sale underpins Gladstone project’s production (Reuters)

- US Senate panel approves comprehensive energy bill
Requires utilities to derive 15% of power from renewables (Reuters)

- ADB to double clean energy funding
Funding to be increased to $2bn a year by 2013 (FT)

- Kazakh oil group seeks acquisitions
KMG E&P has $4bn cash warchest (FT)

- Eon staff to protest over job cuts threat
Up to 6,000 jobs at risk (FT)

- Centrica given Venture deadline
Deadline of July 13 to bid for 23.6% (FT)