Fiona Harvey The next dotcom?

If you were looking for any further clues that the burgeoning green tech industry might be a little bit like the dotcom boom, look no further.

Remember First Tuesday, where dotcommers would gather hopefully to fascinate willing bankers and captivate venture capitalists?

Here’s a new version for the new generation of green collar workers, and hopeful green entrepreneurs: Green Monday.

It’s billed as “a mixture of news, insight, analysis and networking with keynote speakers taking centre stage followed by a number of round table discussions on pre-assigned topics”. The organisers say the “high profile gathering” is attended by about 200 people a month. All of them are people working in and leading climate change response, corporate environmental sustainability and related green business.

Speakers at forthcoming events include Mark Elborne, chief exec of GE UK and Ireland; Mark Shorrock, founder of Low Carbon Investors; and Martin Stead, brand director of EDF Energy.

EDF is also a sponsor, showing its faith in the green shoots.

Oh , and the organisers are using the rather strange strapline “supporting 2 degrees collaborative solutions“. No, we didn’t know what that meant either, but we suspect it might mean “talking about stuff”.

Go forth and network, green collar people.