Spot News

- White House lobbies wavering lawmakers on climate bill
Commitment to cut emissions by 17% (FT)

- Carbon credits for land use placate US farmers
Some farmers reverse opposition to cap and trade (FT)

- Europe moves to reduce pollutants
Legislation would cut emissions by a third by 2020 (FT)

- EU invests in China carbon capture and storage
Agrees to contribute €50m to building facility (FT)

- Paris poised to sell Areva stake to raise €2bn
Ready to sell to strategic partners in Asia and Mideast (FT)

- New BP head calls for ease on resources
Says growth in car ownership and air travel unsustainable (FT)

- Steep learning curve faces BP’s surprise new chairman
Svanberg’s expertise should serve oil group well (FT)

- Svanberg profile: Charmer with great contacts
Ericsson recaptured market share under his leadership (FT)

- ‘The tank’ chairman who took BP global
Outgoing chairman oversaw huge acquisitions (FT)

- Malaysia’s Petronas profits hit by increase in payments to state
Oil company is single biggest contributor to country’s coffers (FT)

- Lex: Beyond Peter