Fiona Harvey We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Gordon Brown laid out the UK’s position in the international talks on a successor to the Kyoto protocol this morning, and he did so at a rather surprising venue: London Zoo.

There was a nod towards the natural world in his speech, when he mentioned the damaging effects of climate change.

But mostly he was talking about money – how the developed world must finance emissions reductions in the developing world, and help poor nations to adapt to the effects of climate change.

This is a very important point – as we have pointed out before, financing is a make or break issue for the ongoing negotiations set to culminate in Copenhagen this December.

Mr Brown became the first leader to put a figure on the amount needed – $100bn per year in assistance by 2020.

Which sounds good, but rather overlooks the fact that he will be long gone by then and he has no proposals for the amount of financing needed in the interim.

He also failed to put any money at all on the table from the UK. leaving wide open the question of what the UK will do to assist the developing world.

And one more lingering question – why on earth the zoo?