Ed Crooks The Source: Iraq’s oil, accident in Italy, BG goes into shale gas, more Waxman-Markey (again)

On Energy source today:

LIVE: the first bids for Iraq’s oil contracts come in

Oil rises with economic recovery hopes


At least 15 people dead in Italy LPG accident (Bloomberg)

BG Group invests $1bn in US shale gas (OilVoice)

How to convince conservatives to support public transportation (Infrastructurist)

The Washington Post discovers the problem with energy subsidies, with fun historical headlines (Institute for Energy Research)

Waxman-Markey defended (Belfer Centre at Harvard)

A look at the “synthetic tree” for catching CO2 on the cheap (New Energy and Fuel)

The controversy over the effect of the US Natural Gas Fund on US gas prices (Platts)

US public under-estimates the future need for oil and gas, according to the American Petroleum Institute (PennEnergy)