Ed Crooks The Source: Russia nice and nasty; LNG from Indonesia; drivers still driving in China and India; Mexico should save its oil, and perpetual motion is still impossible, it seems

On Energy Source:

What future for Repsol YPF?

Oil keeps falling

The IAEA’s new director-general


Russia accuses Mol of Hungary of licence violations in West Siberia (Platts)

…but has turned nice again for Total and Shell (The Oil and the Glory)

BP’s Tanggugh LNG project to deliver its first gas to Korea on Saturday (Platts)

Fuel price rises don’t stop drivers in China and India (Reuters)

A threat of more hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by El Nino (Science via Bloomberg)

Why Mexico should stop exporting oil (Gregor)

Wesley Clark fights to defend the US ethanol industry (CNN)

A question everyone should ask: “what if I am wrong?” (The Oil Drum)

And another attempt to break the laws of thermodynamics bites the dust (R-Squared)