James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

Rising oil price a risk to global recovery
Sarkozy and Brown want oil producers to agree a target price range (FT)

CFTC prepares crackdown on oil speculators
Signal of a tougher approach to oversight of these markets (FT)

Analysis: Back to petroleum
BP retreats from alternative energy (FT)

Australia uranium miners set for growth
A deficit was likely after 2012 due to delays in starting new mines (Reuters)

Key polluters focus on climate action
China and India unlikely to sign up to emissions cuts (FT)

Ghana seeks investors for new oilfield
The move opens the door for western oil groups (FT)

Short View: Commodity trading
Regulators are grasping the nettle of regulating commodity trading (FT)

Renewable energy’s power outage
Stalled stimulus programs deter investment (WSJ)