Kate Mackenzie The Source: Speculators and the CFTC; G8; T. Boone Pickens wind farm scaled back

On Energy Source:

For speculators, there’s always the onion defence

Rig numbers still dismal

Markets: Oil prices extend retreat

G8: Climate change and oil prices both elusive

UNG runs out of shares

Obama administration finally gives Congress a nudge on climate bill

ConocoPhillips’ interims point to refining difficulties


T. Boone Pickens scales back wind farm plan (NY Times)

Tiny, fuel-cell powered aircraft flies in Germany (physorg)

Is Nigeria still relevant to oil markets? (SeekingAlpha)

Solar power still quite a way from grid parity (Environmental Capital/WSJ)

When cap and trade meets M&A (DealBook/NY Times)

Can nuclear power take the heat? (The New Republic)

About those white roads… (Infrastructurist)

China’s strong resistance to weak goals (China Environmental Law)

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