James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

China and Russia lead oil deals
Emerging economy buyers paid for $24.2bn of the total $48bn value of oil gas deals (FT)

CBI urges shift to nuclear from wind power
Labour’s policy is weakening the country’s energy security, says CBI (FT)

Centrica bid for Venture snubbed
Two leading shareholders have rejected Friday’s hostile bid (FT)

Lex: Centrica / Venture
Observed from the sidelines, bid battles can give a flavour of the times (FT)

Iran seeks China investment to build refineries
The world’s No.5 crude exporter seeks to cut gasoline imports (Reuters)

Solar power plants planned for Sahara
Dozen companies are set to launch a renewable energy initiative today (FT)

Lex: US wind power
Investing in alternative energy is far from riskless (FT)

Nigerian rebels say fighters attack Lagos oil jetty
Armed attacks have cut more than 20 percent of the nation’s oil exports (Bloomberg)

US seeks to underpin oil supply from Africa
The US is increasingly reliant on oil from West Africa (FT)

PetroChina receives approval for plan to invest in Nippon Oil refinery
PetroChina is expanding its presence in overseas refining (WSJ)

Patent spat looms at climate change meeting
US against the big emerging economies (FT)

Australian green investment takes a knock
Legislative to the social changes are poised to drive a new era for the industry (FTfm)