Kate Mackenzie Clean coal for the confused

Grist has a snappy Q&A with Sarah Forbes, who leads the CCS programme at the World Resources Institute, which collaborated with coal companies and environmental groups to develop a set of CCS guidelines.

Some of the highlights:

- Given the huge reliance that legislation makes on CCS, getting the technology up and running is a worry – “we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch”

- Finding enough places suitable for burying CO2 is not a problem

- The big disagreements in the process came over stewardship of the carbon once it is buried; liability was a particular concern

- China, which burns massive amounts of coal, is keen: “I went to China for the first time last December and I was blown away. They’re doing much more than I had dreamed possible.”

The WRI also produced this video, presented by Forbes, below, which explains among other things how some of the storage techniques planned for use in CCS have already been in use for other purposes such as storing other gases, and enhanced oil recovery:

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