James Fontanella-Khan Spot News

US and China remain at odds over climate change
Bilateral meeting fails to produce new agreements (FT)

China cuts gasoline and diesel prices on public concern
Beijing cuts prices by at least 3.3% (Bloomberg)

Nigeria needs radical action to end its oil crisis
Aims to regain control of its most important resource (FT)

BP chief expects slow recovery
Little sign of upturn in energy demand (FT)

BP banks on reward for pioneer spirit
Group targets difficult territory in search of new reserves (FT)

Lex: BP’s dividend
Oil company’s challenge: balancing books while prices are low (FT)

Valero warns it may cut production after quarterly loss
Company loses $254m in second quarter (Reuters)

BG profits tumble and debt doubles to £2bn
Warns production to increase less than expected (FT)

Anil Ambani rounds on Indian oil minister
Younger brother accuses petroleum minister of taking sibling’s side (FT)

Exchange rivalry spills into oil trading debate
CFTC mulls how to curb speculators’ influence in energy markets (FT)

Lex: USEC’s meltdown
Shares in US nuclear fuel processor plunge (FT)

Power group tests Indian IPO waters
State-run company seeks to raise up to Rs60bn (FT)