James Fontanella-Khan Spot News

Energy agency warns on oil price increases
Economic recovery at risk, says IEA (FT)

Banks and oil groups lead rally
Markets reach highest level this year (FT)

Joint venture revives Italy’s nuclear hopes
Tie-up between EDF and Enel hints at comeback for industry (FT)

China refiners boost diesel output on fishing season
Auto sales should also support gasoline consumption (Bloomberg)

Chesapeake 2nd-quarter profit, more asset deals seen
Sees $2.35bn to $3.05bn in 2009 asset deals (Reuters)

Governors resist Nigeria oil reform
Draft bill would secure greater revenues (FT)

Oil, gas ETF backer aims to defend funds
Escalating debate over speculation in the commodities markets (WSJ)

Dilemma over limiting speculation
CFTC to filter big speculators out of energy markets (FT)

Shell, BP delay projects, anticipate lower costs, Moody’s says
Investment decisions on hold until project costs drop (Bloomberg)

Contractor focuses on frontier markets
Consolidated Contactors Company continues to expand (FT)

Electricity investment boost approved
Green light for investment in Britain’s electricity distribution (FT)

Boost for Gulf Keystone
Shares edged higher after fresh cash (FT)