Kate Mackenzie The Source: Wind turbine manufacturing; HeritaGE and Kurdistan; The clean tech race

On FT Energy Source:

Heritage: In for a penny, in for a pound in Kurdistan

Wind turbine manufacturing in the UK – and beyond

Markets: Commodities pause after sprinting higher

Fundamentals slide further from view

On FT.com:

Nasser picked for chairman of BHP Billiton

Tax bill wipes out Statoil Hydro profits

Further reading:

GE’s Jeff Immelt and venture capitalist John Doerr worry about the US falling behind in clean tech, prompting much angst (The Washington Post, CNet, WSJ)

Why environmental economists should love Exxon (Energy Collective)

India to build four more nuclear reactors (Economic Times)

Shifting economies to use more natural gas (Gregor.us)

Brazil’s new oil law to go before congress this month (UpstreamOnline)

Clean coal coalition caught up in astroturf scandal (Politico)

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